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There is a lyric from the Jethro Tull song Cross Eyed Mary which goes;

Or maybe her attention is drawn by aqualung,
Who watches through the railings as they play

It always chilled me a bit. But one of my more chilling moments came when listening to the song during the aftermath of the whole Pete Townsand child porn scandal and suddenly, for me it was poor Pete's face peering lecherously throught those railings rather than the fictionalized and embellished Aqualung. But it was only for research right?

Anyway, I think that J-Tull/Ian Anderson is one of the best artists when it comes to visual evocation. They are masters of it and they know it. Perportedly Ian Anderson was quoted as having said that Led Zeppelin would have been a hell of a lot better with Anderson himself, writing lyrics and Page playing guitar; A comment that allegedly pissed off Robert Plant to no end. Sorry Robert, I love you and Zep is my all time favorite but your lyrics are nothing compared to Anderson's. What mystical, fantastical beauty is evoked in Thick as a Brick, what deprived horror in Locomotive Breath.

And truly underappreciated.

But on a funny note. Once in a Bible literature class in highschool, the teacher while lecturing on Moses and his father-in-law Jethro, made joking reference to Aqualung. I appreciated this, it being one of my favorite albums. Unfortunatly, much of the rest of the class missed the reference as became clear during finals review when one of the girls raised her hand and confusedly asked where she could find the character "Aqualung" in the book of Exodus. True story.

Actually it was in Genesis. Cain begat Methuselah, begat Aqualung, begat Keith Richards.
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