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Battle for the Bands
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All right cats, you know you've all done it. You couldn't just appreciate music for the sake of music and you had to turn it into a competition. Well there's no shame in that. Isn't that what American music is about these days?

I mean we all know its not about the art, its about who gets the most votes on American idol right? Its about Simon Cowel and Reuban Studdard and Ashley Simpson and...beeeeep wrong sucker! Competition in music is good so long as it inspires creativity and thought in others. And that’s what this community is all about.

Here's how it works. One member waxes ecstatic over the musical excellence of a particular artist while another member refutes him/her with the artistic particulars of another.

Member A; Bob Dylan exemplifies the highest pinnacle of lyrical aptitude.
Member B; No he doesn't, Tom Waits does.

*Maintainers note* Presumably members would offer a more creative case than the above.

So you get the point. Its the classic "Who's better, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?" Only more pretentious.

Also, for the record, genres are up for equal dissection under the groups collective microscope, as are career shifts. I.e. "What’s better, pre or post Sabbath Ozzy?"

And I probably don't need to mention it but no dumb shit. Pretty much this means no personal attacks. For instance, "You hate Iron Maiden so you are a fucktard." Or "you like The Beegees so you are a queer." This is only acceptable if the person in question is indeed a homosexual and also like the Beegees. Otherwise its a big no-no.

Awww fuck the rules. If I think you're disturbing the band sufficiently, I'll bounce you. But you'd really have to be a supreme shitbird to be banned from a rock and roll community. And if for some reason I forgot your personal favorite band on the info list...Go fuck yourself!

By the way, my name is kick_em_out and I moderate and maintain this community because its creator lefter became cognitively deficient and functionally illiterate after being slammed in the face by an inbred, outback Nazi at a Pantera concert
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